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How Your Contributions Work

Concorde Athletics Club is a not-for-profit organization comprising of athletes from as young as 8 years old. We aim to fully equip our aspiring athletes with the training and equipment they need to persevere through the sport. Our vision “to produce athletes that can achieve their highest level of potential”, therefore sets the tone for the allocation of your contributions. We center our resources on quality training, including weight training, aqua aerobics and resistance training. Pre-habilitation and Rehabilitation are key to sustaining healthy athletes and ensuring their continued success in the sport.  Incessant training gear from equipment such as starting blocks, to uniforms and supplements are compulsory in achieving our target.

We take pride in producing athletes who can well represent both your brand and our beautiful twin island on a local, regional and world class stage. Through mentorship, we focus on our member’s overall development, including educational achievement, morale and emotional stability, hand in hand with their passion for the sport. By promotion of the discipline of track and field, we hope to continue to nurture well-rounded athletes and have fruitful impacts on our neighbouring communities and country, in line with our social responsibility to “make positive contributions to the upliftment of society



NB. Sponsorhip is based on a 6 month period and prices are negotiable.

- Prices above are quoted in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars



Help Us Reach Our Goals!


Please donate any amount you are willing to give in support of reaching our goals. Be sure to tell your family and friends to join our movement #TeamConcorde


Your Donations are very secure and welcomed.

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