Jenea Spinks - NAAA Champion
Last Saturday, Jenea Spinks, 16 years old, received two awards. She was crowned the NAAA U18 Female Champion 2016 and the First Citizen's Bank Most Outstanding Female Youth. This is the fourth time Jenea has been crowned the NAAA title.
NAAA Champion of the Year 2016
Jenea Spinks voted Track and Field Champion of the Year for the fourth time!
Ken Barton Lifetime Award
Fana Ashby Honored with the Ken Barton's Lifetime Award
Concorde's Christmas Dinner
Concorde's Christmas Dinner and Award Ceremony
Concorde's Kick-Off Meeting 16'/17'
Club's Objectives Set!
Concorde Sets Masters World Record!
Donelle Stafford, Ayana Hutchinson...
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