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Concorde Athletic Club was founded in January 1987, by Dr. Horace Young. Within his heart, Dr. Young believed that the knowledge of good training techniques was not relayed to the athletes of Trinidad and Tobago. He found it necessary that he should make a meaningful contribution in this direction. The best way he knew was to form an establishment or club, through which the wealth of knowledge he possessed and acquired through his years of being a track star and top footballer as well as from his years of study in Germany, could be put to use.

Dr. Young chose as his assistant, Ken Barton who is presently the head coach and successor of Concorde Athletic Club. Mr. Barton, a former National athlete, had just returned from a track scholarship at Fairleigh Dickinson University in the U.S.A. Dr. Young knew him well, having had a hand in his training before Mr. Barton took up his scholarship offer.

Mr. Barton since then has created History for Trinidad and relentless Concorde success stories and achievements over the years. The club has produced outstanding athletes and administrators, some of which include: -

  • Sending a total of six (6) athletes to the Olympic Games from 1992 – 2012.

  • Producing athletes who have broken Central American and Caribbean track records.

  • Producing CARIFTA champions.

  • Producing an athlete who has won a World Junior Games medal.

  • Creating history as having been the first club to produce a female athlete, locally or foreign based to be in a World Games final and having the distinction of winning a medal.

  • Having the distinction of one of our athletes winning the PANAM Junior Gold Medal in 100m in 2011.

  • Having two semi-finalists in the Women 100m at the IAAF Open Championships in 2011.


Mr. Barton has served in the following capacity: -

  • National Junior Coach – Track and Field;

  • National Senior Coach – Track and Field;

  • National Junior Female Hockey Trainer;

  • National Senior Female Hockey Trainer;

  • Trainer – Malick Senior Comprehensive Football Team;

  • Trainer – National Colleges Football Team


The club boasts former and present day stalwarts in track and field such as: -











Fana Ashby

PB: 100m: 11.12, 200m: 23.05


Auburn University, Alabama, USA

Kansas City Kansas Community College, USA

Tranquillity Government Secondary, Trinidad

Diego Martin Junior Secondary, Trinidad​

Track Career

Fana Ashby was one of T&T’s top female sprinters for almost a decade.


  • 7th, – 4x100s Relay, 44.33s (with Nandelle Cameron, Ayanna Hutchinson and Sasha Springer), Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • 100m Semi-finals, 11.57s, Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, Australia


  • 3rd, 100m final, 11.40s; DNF, 4x100m Relay (with Monique Cabral, Nickeisha Charles and Kelsey Toussaint), Central American and Caribbean Championships, Nassau, Bahamas

  • 1st, 60m, South Eastern Conference (SEC) Indoor Championships

  • 4th, 100m, 11.12s, Texas Relays, USA-

  • 5th, 100m, NCAA collegiate regionals, USA

  • 2nd, 4x100m (with Auburn team), 44.14s, NCAA collegiate regionals, USA

  • 7th, 100m final; 4th, 4x100m relay final (with Auburn team), NCAA Championship, USA

  • 1st, 60m final, 7.18s; 2nd, 200m final, 22.91s, NCAA Indoor Championship, USA

  • 1st, 60m, 7.21s; 3rd, 200m, SEC Championships, USA

  • 1st, 60m preliminary, 7.21s (automatic time); 1st, 60m final; 1st, 200m final (automatic time), 23.26s (automatic time), Tyson Indoor Invite, USA

  • 1st 55m, (automatic time); 1st, 200m (provisional time), Gator Indoor Invite, USA


  • 3rd, 100m round one heat three, 11.43ss; 7th, 100m Quarterfinals, 11.54s (28th overall) 

  • Relay 4x100m (with Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Ayanna Hutchinson and Wanda Hutson) Athens Olympics, Greece

  • 1st, 100m semi-final, 11.12s; 1st 100m final, 11.03s (w+2.2), National Championships, Port of Spain, T&T, on June 19

  • 8th, 100m final, NCAA Championships

  • 1st, 100m, 11.58s, Sun Angel Classic, USA

  • 1st, 4x100m (with Auburn relay team), Gatorade Classic, USA

  • 6th, 60m dash, NCAA Indoor Championship, USA

  • 4th, 60m; 8th, 200m, 23.55s, SEC Indoor Championship, USA

  • 1st, 60m, 7.30s, Tyson Indoor Invite, USA

  • 2nd, 55m, 6.68s, Gator Indoor Invite, USA


  • 8th, 100m, 11.52s; 200m, 23.97s; 4th, 4x100m Relay (with Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Keena Gibson and Wanda Hutson), 43.97s Pan American Games, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


  • 100m semi-final, 11.46s; 7th, 4x400m relay (with Nickeisha Charles, Marissa De Leon and Adia McKinnon), 3:39.14mins, Commonwealth Games, Manchester, England


  • 3rd, 100m final, 11.47s; 200m, 24.46s, World Junior Track & Field Championships, Santiago, Chile

  • 6th, 100m round one, heat two, 11.85s, Sydney Olympics, Australia


  • 6th, 100m final, 11.65s; 200m, 24.50s, World Junior Track & Field Championships, Annecy, France

She eventually wound up her track career at the 2009 T&T National Championships, but still remains a staunch supporter and member of Concorde.

Olympic Qualifier - 2000, 2004

Ayanna Hutchinson

PB: 100m: 11.26, 200m: 23.35


Essex County College, New Jersey, USA

University of Nevada, USA

Barataria Senior Comprehensive, North Trinidad

Track Career


  • 1st, 4x100m final, 44.63 sec (with Shun-Shauna Mason, Reyare Thomas and Magnolia Howell), National Championships, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, June 

  • 2nd 100m final, 11.72 sec, University of Technology (UTECH) Knights Track and Field International Classic, Kingston, Jamaica, April 14


  • 5th, 100m final, 11.56 sec; 1st, 4x100m final, 43.47 sec (with Magnolia Howell, Michelle-Lee Ahye and Semoy Hackett), Central American and Caribbean Championships, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, July 15-17


  • 4th, 100m semi-final, 11.58 sec, Commonwealth Games, New Delhi, India, October 6-14 

  • 2nd, 100m final, 10.47 sec; 6th, 4x100m final, 45.01 sec (with Sasha Springer-Jones, Reyare Thomas and Aleesha Barber), Central American and Caribbean Games, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, July 24-29


  • 4th, 100m first round (heat five) 11.54 sec; 6th, 100m quarter-final (heat two), 11.40 sec; 8th, 100m, semi-final, 11.58 sec; 3rd, 4x100m first round (heat  one), 43.22 sec; 7th, 4x100m, final, 43.43 sec (with Reyare, Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Semoy Hackett), World Championships, Berlin, Germany, August 17-22    

  • 4th, 100m final, 11.45 sec; 3rd, 4x100m final, 43.75 sec (with Sasha Springer, Semoy Hackett, Reyare Thomas), Central American and Caribbean Championships, Havana, Cuba, 2009


  • Relay Team (with Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Semoy Hackett, and Wanda Hutson), Beijing Olympics, China, August 21    

  • 4th, 100m round one heat, 11.51 sec; 1st, 4x100m final, 43.43 sec (with Semoy Hackett, Sasha Springer-Jones and Kelly-Ann Baptiste,), Central American and Caribbean Championships, Cali, Colombia, July 4-6


  • 5th, 100m first round (heat three) 11.70 sec; 7th, 100m semi-finals, 11.77 sec; 7th, 4x100m, 44.33 sec (with Fana Ashby, Nandelle Cameron, and Sasha Springer-Jones), Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 23-28  

  • 2nd, 100m round 1 (heat two) 11.81; 7th, 100m final, 11.88 sec; 3rd, 4×100 final, 43.98 sec (with Sasha Springer, Nandelle Cameron and Fana Ashby), NACAC Championship, El Salvador


  • 5th, 100m semi-final, 11.53 sec, Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, Australia, March 20 

  • 5th, 100m first round (heat one) 11,50 sec; 4th, 100m final, 11.55 sec; 6th, 200m first round (heat two), 24.42 sec, Central American and Caribbean Games, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, July 25-281


  • 6th, 100m first round (heat two), 13.34 sec, Central American and Caribbean Championships, Nassau, Bahamas, July 8-11


  • Did not finish, 4x100m first round (with Fana Ashby, Kelly-Ann Baptiste, and Wanda Hutson), Athens Olympics, Greece, August 27     

  • 1st, 4x100m final, 44.07 sec (with Kimberly Walker, Fana Ashby and Keenan Gibson), T&T National Championships, Trinidad, June    

  • 1st, 4x100m final, 44.63 sec (with Wanda Hutson, Keenan Gibson and Kelly-Ann Baptiste), Whitsuntide Games, Grenada, May 29


  • 4th, 100m first round (heat three), 11.78 sec, Sydney Olympics, Australia, September 22    

  • 1st, 100m final, 11.26s; 1st, 200m final, 23.44 sec, T&T National Championships, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad


  • 1st, 100m final, 11.51 sec, T&T National Championships, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad


  • 5th, 100m final, 11.63 sec; 5th, 200m final, 24.83s, CARIFTA Games (U-20), Kingston, Jamaica, April 6–8


  • 1st, 100m finals, 11.9s, T&T National Championships, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad


  • 2nd,  100m final, 11.4 sec; 4th, 200m finals, 24.9 sec, Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships (U-17), Port of Spain, Trinidad, July 8-10    

  • 1st,  100m U-17 final, 11.88 sec; 1st, 200m U-17 final, 24.30 sec; 4th, 4x100m U-20 final CARIFTA Games (U- 17), Bridgetown, Barbados, April 2-4

Olympic Qualifier - 2000, 2004, 2008

Shane Dyer


Belmont Boys Secondary School, Port of Spain


Track Career



  • 1st, 200m final, 22.58 sec, New York, New York, USA, New York World Police and Fire Games, August 25 – 28.


  • 2nd, 100m, 10.50 sec, Annual Southern Games, Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, April 1.


  • 3rd, 4x100m final, 40.08 sec, with Andre Brown, Alvin Henry, and Dion Rodriguez, XIX Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador, November 19 – 30


  • 4x100m DNR (Did not run), Sydney Olympics, Australia, September 15 – October 1.

Olympic Qualifier - 2000

Alvin Henry

Track Career



  • 3rd, 4x100m, 40.08 seconds (with Andre Brown, Shane Dyer, and Dion Rodriguez), XIX Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador, November 19 – 30.


  • Alternate on T&T’s 4x100m relay team, Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia, September 15 to October 1

  • Later that year he landed a Bronze 3rd, 4x100m, 40.08 seconds (with Andre Brown, Shane Dyer, and Dion Rodriguez), XIX Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador, November 19 – 30, 2000.


Olympic Qualifier - 2000

Natakki Dasent

PB: 110mH: 14.54, 400mH 52.98

Certificate: The Art & Science of Coaching (U.W.I. 2016)
Doctor of Dental Surgery (U.W.I. 2014)
Bachelor of Science: Biology  (Albany State University 2007)

Track Career

  • NCAA Division 2 All American 2007 (3rd place 4×4)

  • National Open Champion 400m Hurdles in 2003

  • Won Gold at Maximo Viloria Venezuela in 2002

  • Carifta Games finalist 110mH, 400mH in 1998

  • National Junior Champion 400mH 1998

National Athlete

Dana Massiah

PB: 200m: 24.00, 400m: 53.32



Attained a full athletic Scholarship to attend the Florida State University in 2004. Graduated in 2008.

Competed locally in 2013 and 2014 and was in the top 3 400m athletes nationwide.


College Career

NCAA Qualifier
2-Time ACC Champion


  • National qualifier in the 4x400m relay.

  • Competed in the 200m and 400m events at ACC Championships with a time of 24.01 and 54.06 respectively.

  • Placed first at Seminole Invitational with a personal-best and regional qualifying 400m time of 53.66

  • Member of the ACC Champion and conference meet record-holding 4x400m relay team in 3:32.11 to regionally qualify.

  • Participated at the New Balance Indoor Invite in the 200m dash.


  • Ran the second-leg of the fastest 1600m-relay in 2005 that placed second at the ACC Championships with a regional qualifying time of 3:40.54.

  • Finished second at the Seminole Invite with a time of 55.85.

  • Ran a season-best time of 25.63 in the 200m at the Yellow Jacket Invite.

  • Participated at the Indoor Gator Invitational, ran a 200m time of 25.13.


  • Was the top rookie sprinter for the Seminoles competing in the 200m and 400m dashes.

  • Finished second at the Snowbird Invitational in the 200m dash with a time of 25.06.

  • Took second at the FSU Relays in a collegiate-best 54.88.

  • Ran a leg of the fastest 4x400m relay team of the season, posting a 3:43.70 to win the Adidas Indoor Invite.

National Athlete

Nandelle Cameron

PB: 100m: 11.42, 200m: 23.42



Attained a full athletic Scholarship to attend Lincoln University Missouri in 2006.

Graduated as Lincoln's Valedictorian in 2009.



  • National Champion in 200m Open Championships.

  • Competed in NACAC, El Salvador and medaled a bronze in the 4x100m.

  • She also competed in the 200m Women Events at the NACAC.

  • Competed in the Pan American Games, Brazil in the 200m Women Event and 4x100m.

National Athlete

Karla Hope

PB: 200m: 23.62, 400m: 53.43



Attained a full athletic Scholarship to attend Central Arizona College in 2008.

She then transfered to Abilene Christian University in 2010.


College Career

2001 & 2003

  • Competed in Carifta Games (400m and 4x400m)


  • Competed in the Central Amercian and Caribbean Track and Field Junior Champions.


  • Represented Trinidad in Carifta Games 400m and 4x400m.

  • Earned a silver medal in the Central Amercian and Caribbean Track and Field Junior Champions 4x400m relay.


  • Earned a bronze medal in the Central Amercian and Caribbean Track and Field Junior Champions 4x400m relay.

National Athlete

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