Our Coaches  have a wealth of experience in their respective fields with the committment and patience to drive any athlete in realizing their greatest potential.

Each athlete is unique and we understand that...this is why our coaching programs are tailored to first assess and understand an athlete's strengths and weaknesses thereby allowing us to technically develop and groom each athlete by a succession measuring tool - Key Performance Indicators.


It is our club's vision to produce athletes that can achieve their highest level of potential and can make positive contributions to the upliftment of society.


track and field and other

sporting platforms

Through first class coaching techniques

Through our commitment to academic achievement

Through our devotion to motivating our team

Through embodying our knowledge in nutrition and healthcare

Through continuous improvement in our governance structure

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Coaching Committee

Ken Barton - Concorde's Head Coach

Ken Barton - Head Coach

Ayanna Hutchinson

Natakki Dasent

Sherman Kirk

Clayton Walkes

Our Club is prized by the wealth of knowledge and experience of our Coaching Committee. It is this foundation that contributes to the continued success and long standing of Concorde through the decades. We are confident in our coaches’ ability to develop unique and flexible training programs, tailored towards the specific needs of our athletes’ needs.


Finance Committee

Joan Hospedales

Aaisha Martin

Gregory Lewis

Financing is key to the Club’s current progress and continued improvement. The Finance Committee manages the Club’s finances, ensuring funds are appropriately allocated to its resources. Transparency and accountability are the pillars of the Finance Committee, to support stringent and proper governance of our Club.


Marketing Committee

Timothy Spinks

Stephen Joseph

Dana Massiah

The role of the Marketing Committee is crucial to the support structure of our Club. The Committee fosters awareness and development of the Concorde reputation and brand, strategically positioning the Club at the helm / heart of Trinidad and Tobago track and field. The committee is actively involved in ensuring our commitment towards working with organizations and our contribution towards sport development.


Events Committee

Donelle Stafford

Karla Hope

Gregory Lewis

The success of our Club is backed by the dedication and commitment of our Events Committee. With collaboration and coordination at the core of its strategy, the team overcomes all intricacies to ensure the smooth planning and execution of all our Club’s activities.